Historical Facts & Tidbits

Did you know…

Donalda was originally called Eidswold!

On December 31st, 1912 Donalda was incorporated.

In 1902 there was a store built at Ferry Point.  Merchandise was floated across Dried Meat Lake and down the Battle River to stock the Ferry Point store.  Merchandise was also transported by horse and wagon.

Other General Stores in the area were:

The S.P.Lee Country Store also operated at this time, it was located 2 miles west and 3 miles south of the present Village of Donalda.

Ethan Allan Store was about 1/2 mile south east of the Rosalind Bridge on the Battle River.

Hayes Bros. Store located on their ranch near Buffalo Lake operated from 1905 – 1911.

The Wessington Store located 1 mile west and 1/2 mile south on the Willow Park School, south east of Donalda.

C. Halseth Economy Store was originally on the Halseth Farm south east of Donalda, it operated from 1908 until they relocated in the Village.

The Ellefson Store was established in 1902 it was 6 1/2 miles north and 3 1/2 miles west of the Village site.  It was sold to the Viske Bros. in 1910.

Vikse Bros. set up business in 1911 in Donalda.  In 1916 they moved into what is now known as “The Nutcracker Sweet”.